Do you appreciate how lucky you are?

June 22, 2011

I stared up the impossibly steep hill (I think many cars would struggle to get up it, let alone run!!)
I had already run 4 kilometres, my heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly.  I pondered the question. How the hell did I get myself in this mess?

“I love all the benefits of feeling fit and well, but I need a goal to keep me motivated!” I said to my colleague Terry at the beginning of this year.

You see, I’d figured out a few years ago that I only ever bothered to exercise when I had a goal. Typically to look good for the summer holidays, or after the over indulgence of Christmas. However, as soon as the goal was reached I’d lose all motivation and quickly go backwards into the arms of my old habits.  Sound familiar?

I had recently seen an article about the impact that Cancer has on not just the sufferer but also the family and friends. It got me thinking about how much I had to be grateful for in my own life, also I wanted to help those less fortunate than myself.

So, I decided to set a real goal to keep me focused for longer and raise money for a good cause…… hence the “Race For Life”.  A win for me and for charity.

But here’s where it gets a bit messy.  I was nowhere near ready.

NOTE TO SELF – do NOT sign up for a charity run when I am busy working with recruitment business owners and have 3 children that range from 17 to 3 years old and cover the full range of “parenting challenges”.

From a purely physical point of view, I didn’t have any chance of completing a 5 km run when a brisk walk to the car was a stretch!!
The all important question of course was how do I achieve this goal?

One word!  Coaching!

I used my connections to find a highly recommended running coach. (Thanks Alan!)

The first session was absolute hell, I couldn’t run for more than a minute without having to stop and rest. In fact the very first time I ran for 60 seconds, I actually thought it was the last minute of my life. Fortunately for me, Alan my coach has the patience of a saint and he also had a cunning plan!

Alan explained that it was unrealistic to expect to be running 5km’s immediately and without any training. He also explained that by starting with a smaller goal of perhaps running for 3 minutes would be a good place to start and we could build on it.

When you think about it, it is a bit like growing your recruitment business.  You need to know what you want to achieve and devise that cunning plan of action to get you there. It would also be unrealistic to expect to achieve your business goal overnight

Perhaps you’ve been TRYING very hard, but not getting the results you want? Perhaps you want to increase your recruitment sales or improve the operational side of your business? Chances are, you need to make some small changes and take some action NOW.

It may well be, you need to discover what your competitors are doing that ensures they get the recruitment business, that you are missing out on.

Because, not only can you get the results you want more quickly than you probably realize, you can get it by doing LESS than you have been doing! And doing what needs to be done

Your Mission: (should you choose to accept it!)

1. Take a moment to think of a goal that you’ve had for a while but despite trying, you’ve not been making the progress you want…That maybe acquiring new clients, increasing profit margins on temps or improving the overall performance of your consultants

Got it?

2. Now go and find the best coach you can (ideally, the best coach who specialises in the recruitment field)

Alternatively, download this EBook “why most recruitment business fail and what to do about it” the book is free and could have a massive impact on your recruitment business.

Hit reply to this email and let me know what you’ve decide and how you get on, also I would love your feedback on the Ebook.

Right, I’m off for a well-earned massage!

Samantha ‘I’ll be walking like an 80-year-old for the next week’ Gallagher

P.S. Interestingly, whilst what I shared with you, is both life changing and crucial (if you act on it!), it is NOT the most important lesson I got from this weekend’s “Race For Life”. I’ll send you another email in the next week….

P.P.S I also set a goal for the amount of money I am going to raise please so click here to make a donation, it will make a tremendous difference to someone less fortunate than YOU


Finding top recruiters for your business can be challenging…

June 7, 2011

Do you find recruiting for your recruitment business far more difficult, than recruiting for your clients?

When we start working with clients, the first question we always ask is

“If we could help you overcome the number one challenge in your business, what it would be” Amazingly 74% of recruitment business owners say “finding good consultants”

In a recent Sunday Times article, a list had been compiled of the UK’s best small companies to work for. The good news is that 15 of these were recruitment businesses, with 3 of them being in the top ten. This is great news for the recruitment industry. The bad news is attracting and recruiting talent into your business just got even harder.

Realistically, if a consultant is a top performer with a recruitment firm and is appreciated by their employer…

Why would they leave that business to join yours?

The answer is they won’t. You may have the odd success story of recruiting a star, but as a recruitment business owner you need consistency to ensure your success.

So what is the answer? It’s Business Systemisation.

Systemising your business brings many benefits, but in the context of recruiting great people into your business, it means that you don’t need to attract and compete for established and expensive talent.

Systemising is not a one size fits all, it is a genuine reflection of your businesses identity, values, culture and personality within it.

Essentially systemising is documenting all of the processes that happen within your business, that generate a successful outcome. They create the order and structure needed to produce your service consistently with predictable results every time. It is imperative that you are clear about your desired results, in order to design your systems to produce them. This activity gives you a unique opportunity to ensure the effectiveness of your systems, defining what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Imagine you could model the exact behaviour and processes of the top performing recruitment consultant, then share that with other recruitment consultants

By systemising your business you are in the enviable position of being able to recruit great people, not great recruiters, giving you the widest pool of talent to select from. You will have systems in place that run your business. Your people will then follow these systems and produce the revenue you want.

“As the co director of a small business that is working hard to constantly improve the service it offers to its clients, whilst simultaneously strengthening its internal processes and procedures, I am finding drewcoaching guidance invaluable. They consistently offering up new ideas and working hard in the background to help us speed up the implementation of business systems that we believe will ultimately lead to far greater efficiency and subsequent profitability. In a relatively short space of time and with a great deal of drewcoaching input, we have been able to quickly complete a number of very beneficial business systemisation projects and are looking forward to completing more in the coming months.” Gavin Ibell – Director Ibell Cowlin Ltd

For the first 7 that click on this link, we will share with you the secrets to systemise your business to help you increase the number of placements, generate more income and not rely on finding top performing recruiters.

Wishing you continued success,
Terry Edwards