Postitive Attitude

July 21, 2011



Because I’ve realised that every one of my clients who I have been working with for the last three weeks is are making breakthroughs in his/her recruitment business. Why is this?

Positive Attitude

Ask just about anyone in sales when the ABSOLUTE BEST TIME to call a prospective. They will quickly tell you that it’s right after they closed a big sale. You see, when things are going right, they keep going right. There is a much higher conversion rate experienced when they’re coming off of a success.

And that is down to ATTITUDE. . This is the thing that I consistently check for in my clients. When I meet a client for the first time that is what I am looking for. And don’t think that I’m the only one checking for this, so are every one of your clients and customers and your team.
Let me give you an example…….

“Anna” is not doing well in her recruitment business. She has been calling people, but she just isn’t closing any deals. Just ask Anna “How’s business?”. The response is an absolute TIRADE about how LOUSY the economy is, no one is recruiting, how the news on TV is SO DEPRESSING!!! I’ll bet you just can’t wait to talk to Anna again!!!

“Sandra” on the other hand, is also in the same town, not doing terribly well during this quarter, but never shows anything but a smile. The worst you’ll ever hear from her is “Everything’s OK, No Big Complaints” (even if she’s really having a tough day). When things are going well, she’s got a smile like sunshine, and still makes sure that the majority of the conversation is about you, not her.

Who would you rather do business with? Here’s my observation on this, most people would rather do business with the recruiter with the positive attitude.

Your attitude determines how you respond to failure, rejection; let downs, rainy days, bad service at a restaurant or even someone who cuts you off in traffic. At the same time your attitude determines how you respond to the successes in life.

You can’t do anything about the weather the economic climate, the fact that a candidate has not turned up for an interview, or client not returning your call.

The good news is that you can do something about your attitude to those challenges.