It’s a bit rushed at times

January 24, 2012

I was recently reading a book by the great coach and motivational speaker, Les Brown and he shared this story, which I would like to share with you.Image

A couple on holiday walk past a house where a family are sitting on chairs in their porch. Lying in between them is their dog which is moaning and groaning.  This scenario happens over several days when the couple passed the family. Confused, the couple decided if the same scenario happened the following day that they would ask the family about it.

Sure enough the next day, the same thing happened when they walked past the house.  So they finally ask the family, “What is wrong with the dog?”

The lady replies that there is nothing wrong with the dog; he is lying on a board that has a nail sticking up.  It bothers him enough to moan and groan, but it’s not irritating him enough to get up and move.

Can you identify with this story?  How many situations have you been in where you’ve moaned and groaned about something, but was not irritated enough to get off the nail and do something about it.

When will you do something about it? Or do you want to keep shifting around the problem and moan and groan some more, when the nail hits another part of your body?

Every day I get emails and phone calls from recruitment business owners moaning and groaning about the performance of their consultants, or moaning about not having enough business. I explain that it’s not their fault because they have never been taught how to run a business.  Neither have they been taught how to use marketing successfully to grow their business.

I then go onto to explain that there are books, CDs, recruitment organizations and coaches, where they can access information to help them overcome the problems they are moaning and groaning about.

The amazing thing is when we speak to them 3 months later to see how they are getting on, the majority of them respond with, “We have been really busy and haven’t got round to it yet.”

Apparently in a recent study carried out in the USA, it was found that 93% of self help books never get completely read by the purchaser.  But guess what, those recruitment business owners that do read the self help books, listen to CDs, talk to recruitment organizations or coaches and take action, do get results.

It is really easy to moan and groan about your consultants, clients and your candidates. It’s easy to moan and groan about the economic climate. In fact anybody can do that and most people do. It’s the successful ones who get off the nail and take action.

Which one are you?

Wishing you continued success.

Terry Edwards