What’s the difference between YOU, Obama and Romney?

August 30, 2012

It has nothing to do with the fact that they are running for President.

The answer is eMail…..

The presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney don’t share a lot of common ground, but they have at least one thing in common. They have both bought in some of the top marketing brains in the world and top marketers know that eMail is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales, or in the case of presidential campaigns, raising funds.

It is estimated that between them, they will raise $80 million, just via eMail marketing alone.

Kinda makes ya think doesn’t it? Especially as most people don’t even like politicians.

Got to ask you a question…

If the top marketers say eMail is one of the most effective marketing methods, future presidents are doing it AND your competitors are doing it.

Why are you NOT doing it?

Now some people say “eMails doesn’t work” or “it will annoy your clients”.

Ask them this question “Is that a fact or a personal opinion?” because the top marketers are saying different….

Now, if Romney and Obama do it and get $80 million and our clients do it and get some amazing results, then so can you.

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Can I get something off my chest?

August 21, 2012

You know, sometimes, something’s just defy belief and logic.

On Thursday last week, I received the following email from a Recruitment Business owner, based in New Zealand..

To Whom it may concern

Please can you cancel my subscription to the Recruitment Marketing Academy as I do not find it beneficial to my business.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that some business owners don’t get permission marketing and prefer to continue with cold calling to try and get business.

However, in this particular individual’s case, they joined the Membership Site on Monday 8th May for $1.00. This gave them access to ‘done for you’ tools, templates and scripts that are guaranteed to grow any recruitment/staffing firm. Also, once a month they could attend a Q&A session with recruiters from around the world, as well as access the expertise of a Recruitment Business Coach. This individual logged in to the site ONCE during their five month membership. They NEVER attended a single Q&A session and they NEVER responded to any of my emails asking her how they were getting on and offering help.

“Please can you cancel my subscription to the Recruitment Marketing Academy as I do not find it beneficial to my business.”


I was slightly confused by the email, as many other business owners have generated more leads than they could handle with the help of the Membership Site.

When I pointed out that they had only been onto the site once, they replied “I have been busy doing other stuff.”

Is it me or does that make NO sense? Too busy to grow your business? Shouldn’t the “stuff” you’re doing be growing your business?

Just a thought…

Anyway, I duly cancelled their membership and removed them from our database, as that is just not the kind of recruitment / staffing business owner that we want to work with.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest…

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It is not what you say it is what you ask

August 13, 2010


If you could improve your recruitment placements by 30% would that be of interest to you?

 What I am about to share with you could change your business forever……

 I had a really hard and challenging day at work and was sitting in Euston station waiting for my train when the dreaded announcement was made…

“Ladies and gentlemen the train that was due to leave for Northampton has been cancelled the next train will leave in one hour” Together you could hear the collective groan as passengers almost in unison checked their watches and looked towards the sky and tutted..

I quickly grabbed my case and headed for the bar upstairs. A bottle of beer and a read of the Evening paper seemed really appealing!

I arrived in the bar to be confronted by a group of six well dressed business people, who judging by their behaviour and volume of the conversation had been there for some time. That was all I needed a group of “high spirited hooray henrys” I quickly found myself a seat and started to read the Evening paper. This proved to more difficult than anticipated as these “hooray henrys” were getting louder by the minute.

One of the group was wearing a well made navy blue pin stripped suit and expensive shoes, he was telling everyone within a 5 mile radius that was willing to listen, that he was the best recruiter the firm had ever employed. Another one of the group, a lady called Fiona looked at him disdainfully and said “Giles you are just a lucky git”

Giles looked at her in utter amazement, he looked like he about to burst, the veins on his forehead were bulging and looked like he was about to explode. Giles replied “How dare you suggest that my fantastic performance is down to luck I work my butt off” One of the other members of the group stepped in almost as a peace keeper and said. “Giles you are a top performing recruiter of that there is no doubt, I guess what Fiona means is that you seem to work on fewer assignments and yet deliver on so much more.”

“Ah that’s because most recruiters are mugs and just don’t ask the four magic questions, consequently you lot work harder for less results.” The other members looked at him incredulously and Giles just stood there with a bottle of red in one hand and a half full glass in the other looking extremely smug.

At this point the whole bar went silent and waited for the four magic questions, that would mean less work and earning more money.

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